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Southwest Granite & Glass will answer below some of the most popular questions people have about all types of glass, and glass applications.

Can I replace my double or triple pane window glass?

Yes. Virtually any window, wood or vinyl can have its existing glass replaced with newer, more efficient double or triple pane glass units.

Will replacing my existing thermal pane window glass make my windows more efficient?

Yes. Replacing your existing glass units could increase the windows efficiency by as much as 33%.

Why does my window glass sweat in between?

This issue is known as seal failure. When a break occurs on the outer thermal pane edge it allows air and moisture to freely travel in and out. There is no cure for this and replacement glass is the best alternative.

How much does it cost to replace my thermal pane glass?

If you compare the cost to full window replacement, replacing just the thermal unit would be about 1/3 the cost.

What types of glass do you offer for showers?

While the majority of our glass is clear for our custom showers, we do offer four other standard options. Low Iron, Rain, Bubbles and Acid etched glass.

How thick is the shower glass?

The majority of our showers use 3/8″ thick tempered glass and ocassionally 1/2″ tempered glass.

Can I buy glass for my tables and shelving?

Yes. We can supply patio table, coffee table, and simple glass shelving as required.

Do you offer glass tinting?

Yes. If you order glass with the tint already in the glass we can offer a grey, bronze or green tint. We DO NOT offer or recomend aftermarket tints designed for automotive glass. This may damage your window glass units.

Is glass used for countertops durable?

Yes. Consider this, glass counters have been used in department stores, and jewlery stores around the world for decades. The strength of this thickness of glass is not an issue as far a durability is concerened. Chipping and cracking will require a substantial blow from a solid object.

Mary B, Lighthouse Cove, 06.04.2015

This is my second time using South West Granite and I am very pleased with everything. I especially appreciated the help rearranging the installation date so there could be water in the house a little sooner, and also the last minute help getting the tap for the sink , when I had forgotten to buy one!!! Many thanks to all. Mary P.S. The kitchen is gorgeous! Be sure to have a look at the photos that were taken.

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