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Southwest Granite & Glass will answer below some of the most popular questions people have about granite and quartz countertops as well as custom shower glass.

Let Us Clear Up Your Countertop Questions

If you want to ruin your good knives feel free. Granite countertops are harder than your knife blades and will dull them quickly. Use a wooden cutting board if you value your knives.

On a quartz countertop however you should always use a cutting board. Although quartz is extremely durable the resin content does make it slightly softer than natural stone.

High impact blows can harm granite, quartz or any other surface for that matter. Heat from pots and pans or burning liquids will not affect your countertop under normal circumstances but we always recommend you keep a hot pad handy in the event you need it.

Granite, which is crystalline in structure, always has tiny pits – spaces between the various mineral crystals. You don’t see them on a larger piece because the overall appearance is polished and mirror-like. Granite sometimes has natural fissures as well, which may look like cracks, but are not structural defects and are a naturally occurring result of the immense heat and pressure which formed the granite millions of years ago. These characteristics are part of the natural beauty of stone and will not impair the function or durability of the material. A product of nature cannot be expected to look man made

Polished granite is a very durable stone, much harder than marble. Granite, although somewhat stain resistant should be sealed prior to its first use to avoid accidental staining. Polished Granite and quartz countertops should receive the same cleaning care as polished marble, using a mild phosphate-free, biodegradable liquid dish-soap, followed by a thorough rinsing and drying.  Do not use acidic cleaners as you may cause etching.( a dulling of the finish)

The samples you see on your computer screen have been saved as digital images. The colours and tones may not be correct due to variations in computer systems and monitors. Granite is a natural material with naturally occurring variations in colour, tone, and pattern, etc. These variations are expected and are the source of its natural and unique beauty. You should always view the actual material first before making your buying decision.

Quartz samples are fairly close in colour from one block to the next but can have minor dye lot variations. Quartz is still over 90% natural material and may have small inclusions or pieces of natural materials in them which should be considered normal.

Under normal circumstances an impact from a plate or a pot will not damage your granite or quartz countertop. In the event something heavy enough or hard enough does damage your countertop there are techniques that can be used to repair them.

Because granite is a natural material and is mined from the quarry in blocks usually no more than 10′ long, you will end up with seams in some cases. Because your kitchen or bathroom counters are primarily in rectangular pieces, you may want to use seams to reduce your costs, such as in an ‘L’ shaped corner. The visibility of seams will depend on the granite chosen. Most customers have found that the beauty of natural granite outweighs the concern of seams. Solid colours or small tight patterns in both granite and quartz are less visible

Granite and quartz overhangs will vary based on materials chosen and their thickness. In most cases a 10-12″ cantilever is possible and in some cases even 16″. The overhang must meet safety requirements for support in the event something heavy is placed on that area.

We will not pretend that granite or quartz countertops will not cost you a little more than a standard postform countertop. While there are different grades of granite and quartz each one with a different price, the use of granite and quartz by more and more homeowners has reduced the cost over the last few years. Almost any kitchen or bathroom renovation project should have budget room for the indisputable beauty of solid surface materials.

Let Us Clear Up Your Glass Questions

While the majority of our glass is clear for our custom showers, we do offer other standard options. Low Iron, Rain, Acid etched and shower guard to create a hydrophilic action for less cleaning.

The majority of our showers use 10mm or 3/8″ thick tempered glass and occasionally 6mm or 12mm tempered glass is used but is rare.

Yes. We can supply patio table, coffee table, and simple glass shelving as required.

Yes. You can order glass with the tint already in the glass. We can offer grey or bronze tint usually used in a stairway or railing application. We DO NOT offer aftermarket tints.

Yes. Consider this, glass counters have been used in department stores, and jewlery stores around the world for decades. The strength of this thickness of glass is not an issue as far a durability is concerened. Chipping and cracking will require a substantial blow from a solid object.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

I contacted Southwest for a quote because of a sign I noticed outside the Sarnia store. John contacted me right away and came to my house to measure. He was very knowledgeable about the product (quartz countertop) and gave me a great suggestion for Calacutta quartz. When I went into the store to view the quartz, I was very impressed with the customer service. John answered all of my many questions in a timely manner as I emailed him throughout the process.
Chris came for final measurements, and I was very impressed at his attention to detail. The counter and island top were a perfect fit!
The installation team were amazing! Very professional. I was very impressed with every staff member that I dealt with along the way. I had a great experience shopping with Southwest and have recommended them to friends and coworkers.

Sandi V, Sarnia, 07.08.2024