New CNC production

Our new addition now includes automated CNC production. Not only will this make granite countertop production quicker and more accurate but it will give our customers more options for edge profiles and custom shapes. As always all of our Granite countertops are inspected by our trained craftsman to ensure the beautiful edge finish you expect and deserve!
If you want to see our equipment in action look for upcoming videos or call and ask us to walk you through our plant during production hours.

Linda L, Chatham, 04.19.2017

Leanna and Brad were absolutely wonderful to deal with - actually I think I can say that about the entire SWGG team as I also interacted with Kevin, Jenn and Madison. We did experience some challenges with the original product selected (polar white granite), however, both Brad and Leanna supported the decision to move to another product and we're very accommodating to "make it right" which was VERY appreciated! If given some additional time, I most likely would have selected the 3 cm product versus the 2 cm, but it is a wonderful looking product. My husband and I are proud to have supported a local company with exceptional customer service!

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