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We know your inbox gets filled with emails each and every day, and now we are asking you to fill out a short form so we can fill it with more.

This one will be different, we promise.

As a rule our emails come but once a month, perhaps twice if we are really excited about something. In our emails we will send you money (sort of). It works like this:

In each email we send in the upper left hand corner will be our logo with a dollar value under it. No matter what installed project you are doing next, granite or quartz countertop, glass shower, windows, doors or sunrooms these emails count as money off your next purchase.

Print the emails, save them up, then cash them in. You can collect them for as long as you wish up to a total value of $500.00 or 10% off your next installed purchase. This bonus is over and above any ongoing promotion.

The sooner you join the sooner you begin to collect.

Additional details are available in store.

We told you it would be different

Steve M, Petrolia, 11.05.2013

"I would recommend you to all my friends! I will forward your contact info to any friends who are in the market."

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