Glen and Janet S, Chatham, 01.09.2015

I started looking with Jennifer who was very good and got me started with what we might like. The next time I went in Leanna helped me out. Then we stayed with Leanna but were also pleased with Jennifer. It was such a friendly place and the girls were so accommodating at all times. All went together well. Sean and Trevor were amazing installing and so great to work with. They cleaned everything up just great. Very pleasant men. Rodney and Casey came to do the plumbing. Rodney was some negative about everything but mellowed a lot by the time the installation was done. Would have him again if necessary. Thanks for the pleasant experience. Counters look great!!!! I love my sink. Janet

Annette & Al A, Chatham, 02.25.2016

Our experience with ALL the staff was VERY positive. We found a warm reception every visit and questions answered. No question, no matter how trivial, was dealt with in a friendly yet professional manner. This was our first foray into the world of granite. We had read about its qualities, etc before making our decision. The only suggestion I would make is in the area of consumer education. I ASSUMED the granite would come sealed. Not sure I have any concrete suggestion as obviously each consumer comes with a different level of knowledge.

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