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COST Although some stones begin at only $39.00 per square foot, a good Granite countertop average would be closer to the $60-$65.00 per square foot. Some of our exotic granite counters can go as high as $95.00 per square foot. Most quartz countertops begin at $75.00 per square foot and top out at $95.00 per square foot Glass countertops can be as inexpensive as $85.00 per square foot and as high as $350.00 per square foot
COLOUR Although there are hundreds of different colours of granite available, not all stones contain heavy waves of colour or movement. In fact some stones are extremely consistent in their patterns coloration.  Quartz slabs are created using 93% quartz and 7% resins. It's those resigns that allow quartz manufacturers to achieve virtually any colour imaginable. Quartz slabs are very consistent in appearance and colour but may vary from one die run to another much like fabrics. Glass countertops can be backpainted or laminated to achieve and colour or pattern you can imagine.
DURABILITY Granite counters are extremely hard durable surfaces however some stone materials are more durable than others. In most cases you can cut on granite surfaces, place hot pots on them and they are resistant to impact damage. A Quartz countertop is one of the most impact resistent countertop materials available. Because 7% of these materials are made of resin, damage may occur from extreme heat and knife scratches. Cutting boards and hot pads are recommended. Glass countertops are impact resistant but may chip on the edges if hit hard enough. While they are heat resistand the can be scratched and therfore greater care is required. Choose wisely the location and use for your glass countertop.

Sharon S, Sarnia, 05.16.2018

They where polite, did a excellent job. Would highly recommend them to anyone. I have had several people come here to look at it. All agreed how nice a job theydid Thank you

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